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Curriculum Information

Bright Edu Mont Curriculum has been developed based on the outcome of many years of Experimental Learning in Early Childhood Education. Small children have innate ability to learn very rapidly if they are engaged with various activities . Bright Edu Mont follows 'Activity based Learning' curriculum and we call it 'Hands On...Minds On..' approach that 'work the ming, Reveal the Child and Unleash the potential of the child.

Bright Edu Mont Academic Curriculum is a blend of 4 very effective methods to ensure holistic development of young children with varied exposure to different methods of learning:

1. Montessori Activities

2. Classroom Activities

3. Interactive Digital Class Activities

4. Thematic Activities

Curriculum Package for Bright Edu Mont partners consists of Class wise syllabus, Activity Calendar, Activity Guidelines, Time Tables, Time Table Guidelines, Event planner and Guidelines, PTM guidelines, Progress report book and guidelines, Certificate Templates, Classwise booklist, book kit, worksheet book, parent notes etc. In addition regular professional developmental trainings will help the teachers to deliver the lessons as per Bright Edu Mont Curriculum.

Bright Edu Mont partners will also get complete Digital e-teacher and Digital Interactive Class Activity Packages. This is to help Bright Edu Mont partners to provide world class learning content delivery to the young student in a consistent manner.

Curriculum Orientations

►Best in class online Course in Montessori Teachers Training.

►125+ lecture Videos covering theory and practical demo.

►Regular weekly Web Classes for doubt clearning and discussion.

►Practice Classes in nearby Bright Kid affiliate Centre.

►Best in class online Course in Vedic Maths.

►Suitable for anyone above age of 10 years.

►Improves maths calculation speed by 10-15 times.

►50+ lecture videos, unlimited quizzes and pdf e-book.

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