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Frequently asked questions

  • What is the objective Bright Edu Mont ?
    • Bright Edu Mont stands for Bright Edge Affiliate for Montessori Education. Bright Edu Mont Program, works with an objective of deploying Montessori pedagogy for highly effective early childhood developmental learning. It seeks to offer a unique edu-business partnership program with various progressive minded preschools to deliver India’s finest early childhood education program leveraging company’s deep understanding and expertise in field of Montessori Education supported by path-breaking technology-enabled world-class services to end customers.

  • What is the mode of Knowledge & Expertise Transfer and service delivery’?
    • Bright Edu Mont follows highly efficient ‘Smart Support System’ delivering its support anytime, anywhere in ONLINE mode at your doorstep using highly efficient Technology platforms. This is perhaps the first company in preschool industry to offer you a Trial of its selected services for 15 days without having invested any large amount or signing any binding agreement with the company.

  • How does the Bright Edu Mont Program work?
    • Bright Edu Mont Program works as an ‘Enabler’ for your preschool. Once an Affiliate, you begin to get Academic and Technical Support from us throughout the year at a nominal Fees. You also start using our software tools for your preschool. Next, you are also trained and equipped for marketing of our other services such as Montessori Teachers Training and Vedic maths courses.

  • How is it different from a Preschool Franchise Program?
    • Bright Edu Mont Program is different from the Franchisee Program on the following counts:

      1. It caters to needs of both new aspiring preschool owners as well as existing preschool owner looking for an upgrade of their preschool where as a typical franchise program focuses to develop a franchisee for a new preschool outlet.

      2. It is a ‘ROYALTY FREE’ program with much simpler agreement terms as an Affiliate than as an Franchisee.

      3. The Affiliate is free to develop and follow its own policies of his/her preschool.

      4. The Affiliate is encouraged to creates ones’ own brand image 'Powered by Bright Edu Mont'

  • Do you send Bright Edge personnel to the location of the preschool for support?
    • Our Preschool Smart support and training programs are Technology based even regular interactions with our partners are web based and does not necessitate any onsite deployment. This makes the support and training services highly efficient, consistent and much faster to deliver at a lower cost of support delivery making it highly affordable to vast numbers of Preschool.

  • What amount of Fees do you charge to an Affiliate?
    • We charge you only a quarterly fixed amount fees which is quite low and affordable compared to typical prevalent franchise costs. Beside this you pay an one time registration fees when you sign up as an Affiliate and a Project and New Preschool set up consultation fees if you need our consultation services to set up and launch your new preschool.

  • Can we use your brand logo?
    • Yes, you can use Bright Edu Mont brand logo and marks. You can also use our student kits having our brand logo. However, your Preschool entity is to be named by you and can be promoted with your brand identity.

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