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Bright Edu Mont Program stems out of our intent to share unlimited growth potential enabled by our domain knowledge and expertise in the field of Montessori Education, more than 10 years of successful operation of many Montessori Houses which have developed more than 25,000 children till now, expertise in Education Technology, successful launching of various online courses ( www.brightcourse.in ) and additional educational programs with all our affiliate partners in mutually rewarding terms by doing away with conventional practice of collection of royalty fees from franchisee. So our Bright Edu Mont Program is not only a royalty free program but also an additional revenue potential for our affiliate business partners.

  • Bright Edu Mont enables preschools through Academic and Technology driven services.
  • Bright Edu Mont partner stands to gain additional revenue from the host of our online programs.

Salient Features of Bright Edu Mont Program ?

  • Run your preschool under your own brand name and expand it.
  • Royalty free.
  • Simple Terms and conditions- no restrictions or hard terms often seen in franchise agreements.
  • No compulsion to buy any sort of materials from us.
  • No franchise payments.
  • Nominal Quarterly Fixed Fees - your cost is just a small fraction of franchise fees that is currently prevalent in the preschool franchising.
  • You earn extra as affiliate commission from us for all sales you refer and execute for other products.
  • Get the benefit of all our marketing campaigns and programs.

What do you get in Bright Edu Mont Program ?

Build A Great Preschool...

  • Montessori Teachers training for Preschool owner through 6-months Bright Montessori Teachers Training Course.
  • Anytime anywhere Teachers Professional developmental Training online program for your teachers.
  • Online Preschool Owners Orientation/Training for Preschool Owner & Centre Head for lead conversion, operational procedures and best practices.
  • Complete Bright Edu Mont Preschool curriculum including guidelines.
  • Complete Bright Edu Mont Event planner and guidelines.
  • Digital e-Teacher and Digital Interactive content.
  • Student's kit and uniform (Optional).
  • Montessori and other Learning materials.
  • Mobile/Web app to connect to parent, fees management etc.
  • Enquiry Management software package.
  • Centralised lead nurturing assistance (email drip marketing and SMS).
  • Full page microwebsite with centre location integration in our website.
  • Participate in our webinars, conferences to keep yourself updated with latest kids education trend and methods.
  • Use of periodic e-newsletters for Bright Edu Mont parents.
  • Standard Process Forms templates.
  • Responding to all enquiry (through calls or website) that may directly come to us and referring to same to you.
  • New center set up assistance.
  • and Many more.....

​Affiliate Marketing Rights...

Bright Edu Mont Program participants will have the rights to market our products such as Montessori Teachers Training, Vedic Maths etc. in their localities on commission basis. This provides an opportunity to earn more through lateral product expansion without much investment of capital and time from their side. These additional products will also lead to more word of mouth and popularity of their centres in the locality.

Technology that makes You BRIGHT...

  • Online learning platform – BMTT, Vedic Maths, many training programs etc.
  • Cloud based telephony
  • Enquiry management tools – 4 software tools.
  • Parent communication tool – Android, IOS and Web based
  • Fees Management tools
  • E-smart teacher for preschool
  • Preschool Books with Augmented reality
  • Ticketing based CRM for Customer support.
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