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  • 12 October 2018

At Bright Kid Montessori House, the preschool, children play with their friends in an environment that is made just for them, but at home, children start playing with anything in their reach. This could mean that they are playing with the utensils in your kitchen, the decor statues on your tables, the books and magazines in your shelves, buckets & mugs in your bathrooms.

Unlike in preschool, keeping your child engaged at home could be a daunting task for young parents. It is crucial for parents to engage their children in activities that develop their multiple intelligences at home, where they spend most of their time. Different activities help children develop their intelligences as children are curious explorers and learners by nature. According to renowned developmental psychologist, Howard Gardner, there are nine multiple intelligences which are- visual spatial, bodily-kinesthetic, musical, interpersonal, intrapersonal, linguistic, logical-mathematical, naturalistic, and existential.

At home you can keep your child engaged and encourage activity-based learning by adapting these fun activities.

  Watering Plants

The idea is for them to learn outcomes from caring for something over a long period of time. Children would love to get their hands dirty and therefore working in the garden or with a pot of soil is something that will ensure engagement. They not only be busy in activity but also learn about organic life forms, about nutrients, sunlight and the art of nurturing.

  Enrich their Minds with Rhymes

Music is said to enrich the body, mind and soul of individuals. Rhymes, also being a form of music, is suitable for children as the enrich them with language, vocabulary, tones and expressions. You can see children listening to the same rhyme or rhymes over hours at a stretch.

   SMART Books- Augmented Reality for Kids

The My Bright Books Series, perhaps the first of its kind in the country, delivers rich interactive content focused on curriculum-based education, learning and an “anytime, anywhere teacher” for young children. The content tailored for preschool children aged between 2.5 to 6 years, provides creative and engaging learning material. These books are AR- Augmented Reality technology enabled which adds magic to learning. With the My Bright Books Series, as AR which is enabled on each page and almost on each content on the pages, it allows for learning beyond the classroom providing a teacher-like experience, guidance and assistance even at home.

   Painting & Printing

Colour-O-Fun are some of the activities that children participate in school. Elements while painting such as strong the brush against the paper, dipping the brushes in colours, colouring inside the outlines have always engaged children’s mind with great love for the activity. You can even collect leaves and flower fallen on the ground during play time, take them home, for a printing activity at home. Some white papers, colours and paints should definitely do the magic!

   Innovative Teaching for a Bright Start at Bright Kid Montessori House

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